une femme qui porte le HAIK dans une boutique de V

une femme algéroise en HAIK dans une boutique de V

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BEUR? The simple fact that you call some of the Algerians "Beurs" is already an insult, so thanks really, what a lovely statement!
Also, do you even know what it means?
And myself by seeing that I think I'll be better off in Israel - not that I am a fan - than in Algeria.
And anyways, what's Algeria, a country full of evil, not very different from the rest you'd tell me... And I think the majority of My PEOPLE called BEUR would agree, we don't want to see your faces, France's Bum Lickers!

peace - from a BEUR who is not considered an Algerian in her own country, wicked!

Écrit par : Arab Gal | 12/07/2008

- Oh and by the way, your french suck! it's retrouve with an e like for Beyonce and the accent at the end! that's what happens when we try to be something we are not :D

Écrit par : maram | 12/07/2008

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